What Does Success Mean To You?

Everyone is highly passionate about the game of life and one thing that they constantly strive to achieve is success in order to win the game. But, have you ever wondered what does success mean?

Success is one of the most subjective concepts around the world and varies greatly from one person to another. In a world driven by satisfaction of achievements, it is imperative to define what dose success means to you! To help you understand the concept of success in a better way, we have created the best blog post with the help of intensive research from a variety of resources including real life examples of success. So, let’s get started!

What Is The Definition Of Success In Life?

As we mentioned before, everyone has a different perspective when it comes to the definition of success. If you are not sure and can’t decide what does success mean to you then, we suggest you try a small exercise.

Gather some free time from your schedule, relax your mind and take 15 minutes to jot down all the things, symbols or even pictures of what success looks like to you. Focus on your future and what you expect out of it in the next 10 or say 15 years. If nothing comes to your mind then, try out with a few questions like, What makes you happy, where did I feel successful in my past, who do I admire the most and what are the reasons for the same, what matters to me the most and what do I want to do in my life.

What Do People Think Success Looks Like?

Around the world, we have different people who have a different mindsets with a different set of rules and expectations from life. Let’s take a few examples while we discuss what does success mean to you!

Success according to us is how one is able to get the best of their lives with what they love. It is the satisfaction of receiving the best of what one wants and expects.Alex Morrone, Educational Coach

Success is the motivation to work upon something that one loves in a better way. Your dreams when you achieve them will be defined as the true success of your life.Lucifer Michelle, Philanthropist

When you know the direction where you want to be headed and work hard towards achieving the goal, it can be defined as success!Michael Monrow

These are a few people who inspired our search while we were surfing the real world for the best definition of success.

It All Begins With a DREAM!

Knowing what you want from life and imagining yourself in the best life scenario is where it all actually begins from. Working hard towards the 7 dimensions of life is how you will literally walk towards success.

We strongly believe that life should be multilayered. Just like Onions! You should love, be thrilled, enjoy books, enjoy good food, get used to silence, enjoy conversations, be curious and also take care of your career, study hard, focus aiming at a goal, work on assignments etc.

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The Expert’s Perspective Of What Is Success?

After extensive research and understanding of various concepts, we came across different elements of life that come together to form success! Although these elements are not interconnected or follow a particular order, you can think about them when you are off thinking, what does success mean to you?


Dreams become bigger as soon as you reach a milestone so, another element that is important in order to succeed in life is growth. Never stop thinking of a better way to expand your horizons and reach the best of what you are looking for. All the successful people in the world never stop dreaming and accomplishing what they dream. Concentrate on small milestones but, focus on the main goal and that is growth!


Being healthy is one of the most important things especially when you are successful and it’s time to enjoy the best phase of your life. You can work as hard as you want but, until you are living a healthy life that gives you the opportunity to work on everything you want to achieve, success is of no use.


This might sound selfish and we are sure some of you might even think about this element as entirely irrelevant. But, think about the time when you actually took time for yourself and experienced something soothing or heartwarming. Did you take yourself on a treat, did you walk out in the woods or did you do something just for fun? Taking time for new experiences and being curious about life generates the zeal to do more! To do the best you need to take these experiences and learn new things in order to grow more.


This is something we all think about! Success comes with some kind of achievement and achievements make you grow! Switching your job for a good salary, building a business that is successful, getting exceptional profits from an investment, getting an A on your assignment, and winning awards and recognition is something that will add to your achievements and take you one step ahead towards success. So, work towards them and recognise them as a ladder to success.


Spirituality is all about getting peace of mind, developing personal values, embracing who you are and not running after perfection. Having peace of mind ranks among the crucial requisites for achieving success or embarking on the journey towards it. If you do not have that peace in your heart, you will never be able to come out of that bubble!

Nurturing your mind and soul makes your life less complicated and gives you the ability to focus. Have a look at a few successful people who follow the path to spirituality in order to keep calm and make decisions in the right direction to understand this point a little better.


For some people. Becoming successful means leaving behind the trace of what you built for yourself. In other words, we are talking about a legacy! Now, it’s not always necessary that a legacy is something compared to a kingdom. Legacy could be anything. It could be a business you own or a patent idea that only you have access to.

If we dig deeper, you may find that the legacy includes actions you want to be remembered for, like giving to charity or ensuring your children’s financial stability. It could involve developing a product within a corporate setting or establishing a business with minimal competition.


With success comes the downfall of a number of relationships and we all know that. All the successful people in life have to give up on a number of people and things in order to be where they are. Especially when it comes to modern life, people have forgotten that others matter!

Most of us have forgotten this thing and the end result is tasting success alone! This is what most of us don’t want and this is the exact reason why we incorporated this element into our model of success.


This was our ideology of what is success and how to capture the essence of it in order to catch the right direction. If this was your English assignment topic or a topic for your philosophical class, we hope that you got the gist of it. If you have an urgent submission and need some time to brainstorm multiple sources then taking assessment help can turn out to be the best option.

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